“Regiomove” brings movement into personnel planning

Personnel planning is one of the most demanding tasks in a company. It’s all about having the right employees in the right place at the right time. A variety of factors come into play – from employee availability to skills needed to individual employee needs.

With the new “RegioMove” software, personnel planning is now to be significantly simplified. The software makes it possible to capture all relevant information in real time and automatically integrate it into the planning process. This allows companies to react more flexibly to changes and better distribute the workload of employees.

But it is not only the companies that benefit from “RegioMove. Employees also benefit. Thanks to transparent planning, they can better plan their working hours and have more flexibility. In addition, individual wishes and needs can be taken into account more easily.

All in all, “RegioMove” offers a promising opportunity to make personnel planning more efficient and transparent in the future. Companies and employees alike can benefit from the innovative concept and thus take an important step towards a modern working environment.

Flexible workforce planning with RegioMove

Personnel planning is an essential topic for every company. Incorrect or unsystematic planning can lead to cost increases, bottlenecks and motivation problems. However, RegioMove offers a flexible solution for effective workforce planning.

RegioMove is software that enables employees to plan their working hours and locations flexibly and independently. The intuitive user interface makes planning easier and minimizes errors. The system also automatically analyzes planning data and makes recommendations for optimized planning. Factors such as workload, staff availability and cost efficiency are taken into account.

RegioMove’s region-based concept enables companies to take full advantage of their employees’ spatial flexibility. The software uses public transport data and calculates the maximum achievable distance for each employee. In this way, companies can utilize the workplaces of their employees as effectively as possible and at the same time promote the mobility and motivation of their employees.

RegioMove is an innovative and effective solution for flexible workforce planning. The use of smart technology facilitates and improves planning, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. At the same time, employee satisfaction and motivation are increased, which has a positive effect on the entire company.

Effective resource utilization

RegioMove offers a solution for effective resource utilization in the area of personnel planning. The software enables an optimal match between workload and employee capacity by analyzing and using real-time data to predict staffing requirements and optimize scheduling.
Easy and intuitive to use, RegioMove is the ideal solution for companies of all sizes looking for a more effective use of their human resources. Particularly in industries with changing workloads and seasonal fluctuations, RegioMove can help avoid overcapacity and counteract personnel bottlenecks.
Adaptation to individual needs and requirements of the company is no problem, as RegioMove offers a high degree of flexibility and scalability through the integration of further education and training measures. Thus, an optimal use of the employees can be guaranteed and a higher efficiency and profitability can be achieved.

Advantageous cost savings through regular training

The regular implementation of training is not only an important aspect of employee development and motivation, but also a decisive factor for cost savings in companies. The targeted improvement of employees’ skills and abilities can increase the efficiency with which tasks are performed, which in turn can lead to higher profits.

The new “RegioMove” tool enables companies to plan and carry out training in a targeted manner. RegioMove” helps to ideally match staffing needs with corresponding resources. For example, training can be organized directly on site, which saves not only time but also costs.

  • Through regular training, errors and inefficient processes can be avoided.
  • Employees are faster and more efficient in their work
  • Costly mistakes can be avoided through targeted training

Cost savings through regular training is therefore an important factor for companies to be successful in competition. “RegioMove” brings an ideal solution to this by enabling optimal planning and execution of trainings.

Transparent communication improves personnel planning with RegioMove

RegioMove is a new software that brings movement to workforce planning. Transparent communication between employees and their supervisors allows for a tailored working time arrangement.

RegioMove allows employees to specify their preferences in terms of working hours and location. Supervisors will have the opportunity to better accommodate the needs of their employees and plan staff schedules to best meet their needs.

Using RegioMove allows for efficient workforce planning that meets the interests of employees as well as the needs of the organization. The software offers a simple and time-saving solution for personnel planning and communication.

  • Advantages of RegioMove:
  • Transparency and open communication between employees and supervisors
  • Work time arrangements that fit
  • Efficient personnel planning
  • Save time through ease of use

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