Makeup Style and Hair Color

Hair color and makeup are closely interrelated. Hair color should always be in accord with the makeup. Women should realize that her beauty will best be enhanced when the makeup worn is best suited not only to her skin tone and face shape but also with the color of her hair. All these elements should be in total harmony to achieve the desired result of making a woman feel beautiful and sexy. Know what type of makeup will suit you best if you are a brunette, redhead or blonde:


Lucky you, if you are a brunette. Brunettes can wear any color or shades and still look fantastic. For your face, powder and foundation should be of the same warm shade of dark pink, peach or brick red. Best lip colors are hues of brown, pinkish brown, cherry or mauve. For olive skinned brunettes, a nude lip color will look great. For eye shadow, ivory, brown or mocha are recommended with charcoal grey and dark brown eyeliner. But since brunettes can carry off any color of any shade or hue – gold, peach, orange, purple, brown red and even bronze will equally look terrific, except bright or pale pink lipstick and light green or pearl white eye shadows.


Green is the color for redheads. But redheads will look equally stunning with warm makeup hues such as copper and peach. Gold, olive green and reddish brown with a touch of apricot or pinkish brown are also great colors for brunettes. For evening eye makeup, glowing pearly eye shadows are very appropriate. Natural redheads should use beige tinged foundations that are not too yellow on the complexion. An olive skinned brunette though should choose a foundation with a yellow tinge. For blushers, best would be shades of peach and pink. For the lips, lipstick with flesh tones or bright pinks will be perfect. Eye shadows should be in neutral shades of green, taupe, and brown complimented with green or brown eyeliner. Eyebrow color should be light, using light colored eye brow pencils in taupe or red brown only to fill them in, not to darken them.


The light color of a blonde’s hair is best complemented by pastels and soft shades. Darker hues will tend to promote a strong contrast that will give a fierce or harsh look. Any tinge or colors will do as long as they are not too strong or vivid. Translucent hues of peach, pink, champagne and gold are wonderful colors for a blonde. For foundations, choose one with a yellow tinge for a more natural look but highlighted with a little color by a peach or pink blush on the cheeks. Lipstick should be mild hues of peach, pink and rose but bright red could transform your face during special occasions. Use brown mascara to slightly darken your otherwise very light lashes, but never black since it will promote a harsh contrast with your blond hair. Eye shadows can be warm tones of peach, pink or beige cream. Ivory eye shadows with brown eyeliner are excellent. Heavy eye makeup should be avoided by blondes as well as dark hues of cheek blush and especially black lipstick. These will give you a tired and washed out look by creating a sever contrast to your light hair.

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