Epay and vectron deepen collaboration: new android-based payment solution for hospitality industry

In the hospitality industry, fast and reliable payment processing is of great importance. That’s why Epay, a leading provider of electronic payment services, and Vectron, one of the largest manufacturers of POS systems, have joined forces to develop an innovative Android-based payment solution.

This new solution will help foodservice operators reduce the time and complexity of making payments. In addition, it allows guests to pay faster and more conveniently, ultimately ensuring a smoother experience.

Epay and vectron deepen collaboration: new android-based payment solution for hospitality industry

The collaboration between Epay and Vectron is designed to ensure better integration of payment services with Vectron’s POS systems. The new payment solution will enable foodservice operators to offer various payment methods, including contactless payments via NFC and cell phones.

Thanks to the collaboration between Epay and Vectron, the hospitality industry will have a novel and efficient payment solution built on the Android platform. We are excited to experience this new technology in the marketplace soon.

A new Android-based payment solution for the restaurant industry

Epay and Vectron have intensified their collaboration to develop a new payment solution for the hospitality industry. By using Android as the operating system, it will be possible to make all payments and bookings directly through the POS system in the future. This will not only make the work of waiters easier, but also data recording and accounting.

The new solution will make it possible to accept all payment methods, including credit cards, contactless payments and mobile payment services. In addition, all customer data can be stored anonymously to enable a personalized customer experience. It makes the payment experience more seamless and faster than ever before.

By integrating Epay and Vectron, the new payment solution will be easy to install and connect with other systems. This saves time and money during implementation and allows restaurateurs to focus on their core business. The solution is scalable and can be easily adapted to the requirements of both small and large businesses.

  • Improved workflows through direct integration of the POS system
  • Acceptance of all common payment methods
  • Anonymized customer data for personalized offers
  • Ease of integration and scalability
  • More time and money for core business by saving time and increasing efficiency

The new Android-based payment solution from Epay and Vectron will make work significantly easier in the catering industry in the future. Comprehensive integration and scalability make the solution ideal for businesses of all sizes.

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