Decision in the lawsuit against boris becker for repayment of loan

The rumor mill had been bubbling for some time, but now it’s official: former tennis pro Boris Becker doesn’t have to pay off any remaining debt on a loan of around 330.Repay 000 euros. This was the decision of the Regional Court in Munich.

The lawsuit had been filed by a former business partner of Becker. He claimed to have made the loan in 1997 and not fully repaid it since then. Becker, on the other hand, had argued that he had already repaid the entire loan and submitted a receipt to that effect.

The court followed Becker’s argumentation and dismissed the lawsuit. It had become clear that Becker had repaid all installments. In addition, the plaintiff had never taken written action against Becker, but had merely told him orally that he was still owed money.

Becker himself expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the trial, stressing that he had always known he was in the right.

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No repayment of loans: Court dismisses lawsuit against Boris Becker

The lawsuit for repayment of loans against former tennis star Boris Becker was dismissed by the court. According to the court, there was no legal claim for repayment of the loans that Becker had received in the past.

In the trial, it was argued that Becker knowingly and willingly took the money without informing the lender about his financial situation. Nevertheless, the court saw no legal basis for a refund.

This is another positive outcome for Becker, which has been struggling with financial difficulties for some time. Most recently, however, he also had success with a lawsuit against an insolvency administrator who had falsely accused him of hiding assets abroad.

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Boris Becker wins legal dispute against business partner

In a long-running legal battle, Boris Becker has won against a former business partner. The latter had sued Becker for repayment of loans. However, the court dismissed the case and ruled in Boris Becker’s favor.

The former world-class tennis player commented on the verdict with relief, stressing that he had always been convinced that the allegations against him were unfounded. He thanked his legal team for their support during the protracted legal battle.

Becker, who has worked as a TV pundit and trainer since retiring from tennis, has repeatedly faced financial difficulties and legal proceedings. Nevertheless, the former Wimbledon winner remains optimistic and will not abuse his fame for imprudent business practices.

  • Legal dispute won against business partner
  • Lawsuit for repayment of loan dismissed
  • Becker relieved about the ruling
  • Accusations against Becker remain unfounded

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