Materials for computer science in special school on

In today’s digital world, it is more important than ever to provide students with basic computer science and computer literacy skills. However, this can be challenging for students in special schools. For this reason, aims to provide materials for computer science in the special school.
The materials on are specially tailored to the needs of children and young people with learning difficulties. They are descriptive and easy to understand, making it easier for students to learn computer science. The materials can be incorporated into curricula and are suitable for use in the classroom or for independent study.
The website offers a variety of materials, including videos, worksheets, and games. These materials cover a wide range of topics, such as programming basics, computer hardware, and networking. Materials are modular and can be customized to meet individual student needs.
In this article we will look at the materials for computer science in special school on to take a closer look and discuss how they can help students learn computer science.

What is is a digital platform where teachers can find materials and resources for teaching various subjects. One of these subjects is computer science.

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Bavarian ministry of culture: political education and democracy education firmly anchored in bavarian schools – bavarian schools: places of learning for democracy

The Bavarian Ministry of Culture has set itself the goal of firmly anchoring political education and democracy education in the curriculum of Bavarian schools. At a time when democracy and political participation are increasingly in the spotlight, the Ministry of Culture sees schools as important learning sites for democracy.
In order to implement this requirement, the Ministry of Education has taken numerous measures. For example, the relevant curricula have been adapted and expanded to provide students with a broad range of knowledge in the areas of politics, society and participation.
Another important component is the further training of teachers in this area. This should enable them to give students a sound understanding of democracy and political participation and to educate them to become responsible and critical citizens.

Strengthening democracy education in Bavarian schools

The Bavarian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs has announced its intention to strengthen democracy education at schools in Bavaria. A functioning democracy requires comprehensive political education and strong democracy education. Bavarian schools should therefore be established even more strongly as places of learning for democracy.

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The success story of study connect at the starters summit

Last weekend, the start-up “Study Connect” won the “Starters Summit” scaled the summit at Starters Summit. The company has the potential to revolutionize the international education market by creating a platform that helps students find the ideal study program and apply for study abroad.

Study Connect’s concept was well received by potential investors and jury members, who saw the start-up as promising and forward-looking. Innovative ideas and effective solutions enabled the company to score points and win against strong competitors.

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Messages easy to understand (in b1 and a2 language levels)

Messages easy to understand (in b1 and a2 language levels)

Understanding messages in a language that is not one’s native tongue can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to complex topics, many people find it difficult to grasp the content quickly. For this reason, there is news in easy-to-understand language.

These news items are specially designed for people who are learning German as a foreign language or have difficulty understanding complex texts. The content is adapted to B1 and A2 language levels to ensure easy comprehension.

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Active diving protection for the reefs on the florida keys

The underwater world of the Florida Keys attracts millions of divers every year. But climate change and human activities are increasingly threatening coral reefs. To counteract this, divers in the Keys have banded together and are actively engaged in protecting and preserving the reefs.

With the help of dives and special techniques, the dedicated divers collect dead coral tissue from the reefs, for example, and bring it ashore to examine and dispose of it there. Such actions support the health of the ecosystem and minimize potential damage.

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The “dirty war” among the school councils of wiler

The town of Wiler in the Swiss canton St. Gallen is currently the scene of a fierce conflict between school councils. The dispute took such an ugly course that it has already been called the “Dirty War” is called.

The 'dirty war' among the school councils of wiler

School boards have been hurling accusations and insults at each other for weeks. It is about alleged misconduct and missteps of individual members, but also about fundamental differences regarding the school policy in Wiler.

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Practical biology lessons in the morschenich forest

Biology lessons at school can quickly become very theoretical. In order to teach students the content of biology in a practical and vivid way, lessons in the forest are an ideal way to do so. This is also the case in the Morschenicher Forest, which is known as a biology practice area for schools in the region.

The goal of hands-on biology instruction is to get students excited about nature and its interconnections. By experiencing and exploring biology in its natural environment, students can gain deeper access to the topics and train their observation skills.

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Religious education and politics in international perspective

The role of religious education in politics is a topic of great importance, especially in an international perspective. Address the interplay between world polity and historical path dependency to gain insight into the dynamics of religious education within political systems.

At a time when political actors increasingly refer to religious beliefs, religious education is becoming more and more important as an influencing factor. Especially in multicultural societies, religious education is also a means of promoting tolerance and understanding between different religious groups.

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Retraining: reorientation possible without training?

The world of work is constantly evolving, leading to changes in the demands placed on workers. For many people, this can mean that their skills or profession are no longer in demand. Therefore, retraining often seems to be the logical step to reorient oneself professionally. But what if you don’t have any training? Is retraining also possible in this case?

The good news: Yes, retraining without training is definitely possible. Many professions do not necessarily require specific training, but rather certain skills and knowledge. If you already have these skills, you can prepare for this profession through retraining and acquire the necessary knowledge.

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