Autogas: an extremely pleasing annual balance sheet!

As the year 2021 draws to a close, it’s time to take stock. When it comes to LPG, this turns out to be extremely positive! Alternative fuel is on the rise and is becoming increasingly popular.

Autogas offers numerous advantages: It is not only more environmentally friendly than conventional fuels, but also cheaper. According to recent calculations, drivers can save up to 50 percent on fuel costs by using LPG!

The fact that the number of autogas filling stations in Germany is steadily increasing is also particularly pleasing. More and more gas stations are now offering LPG, ensuring nationwide coverage. So the future looks promising!

With these positive outlooks, it’s no wonder that autogas is becoming more popular. The advantages are obvious and the annual balance speaks for itself. It remains to be seen how the situation will develop in the coming years, but the trend is clear: LPG is an attractive alternative to conventional fuels and an option that motorists should definitely consider.

Autogas: an extremely pleasing annual balance sheet!

LPG – an environmentally friendly alternative

More and more people are looking for alternatives to fossil-fueled cars, and autogas is gaining popularity as an environmentally friendly option. The annual balance for LPG is clearly positive, because the emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter are reduced many times over compared to gasoline-powered cars.

In addition to the environmental balance, LPG also has advantages for the wallet. The fuel is more attractively priced than gasoline or diesel, and many LPG cars are also tax-advantaged. The conversion of a gasoline car to LPG is also possible in many cases and can lead to a significant cost reduction.

  • Autogas is available in many countries – the filling station infrastructure is already very well developed in many countries, and in Germany in particular there are now over 7.000 gas stations.
  • Autogas cars have a long range – most autogas cars have a longer range than comparable electric cars, making them suitable for longer journeys.
  • LPG does not lead to any loss of comfort – LPG cars are just as powerful as gasoline-powered cars and in many cases even quieter and smoother running.

The advantages of LPG as an environmentally friendly alternative to gasoline and diesel are undeniable. With better infrastructure and a wider choice of autogas cars, the popularity of autogas will increase in the future.

Autogas on the rise

The annual balance sheet for LPG is clearly positive! Compared to the previous year, the number of new registrations of autogas vehicles increased by 15%. This is a great success for the industry, which has been struggling with declining numbers in recent years. Autogas is on the rise, and for good reason.

Autogas is a particularly environmentally friendly alternative to conventional fuels. It causes significantly less CO2 emissions and is cheaper to produce than gasoline or diesel. The range of vehicles is also very good with autogas vehicles. This makes it particularly attractive for commuters and frequent drivers.

To support the trend, many gas stations have expanded their infrastructure and now offer LPG as well. Manufacturers have also reacted and are increasingly offering LPG versions of their models. There is now a wide range of LPG vehicles in different price categories.

  • Advantages of LPG vehicles:
  • lower CO2 emissions than gasoline or diesel
  • Cheaper to produce
  • good range
  • Wide choice of vehicles and price ranges

Autogas as an environmentally friendly and cost-saving alternative

The demand for LPG as an alternative fuel is steadily increasing. Last year, more and more motorists opted for this environmentally friendly fuel. Not only the environment benefits from this decision, but also the car owner’s wallet.

Autogas is not only significantly cheaper compared to gasoline or diesel, but it also causes fewer pollutant emissions. The emission values of LPG vehicles are below the limits for nitrogen oxides and particulate matter applicable in Europe. Thus autogas vehicles make a valuable contribution to air pollution control and climate protection.

  • The lower price of LPG can save motorists up to several hundred euros annually.
  • Installation of an LPG system is possible in most cases and can be retrofitted to many vehicles.
  • More than 600 autogas vehicles are already on the road in Germany today.000 LPG vehicles on the road.

All in all, the past year can be considered a very successful one for the LPG sector. More and more drivers are recognizing the advantages of LPG and are opting for this cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative.

Autogas: A positive annual balance

The balance for LPG this year is extremely positive. In particular, the numerous advantages offered by LPG are decisive for this positive development.

  • Environmental friendliness: The use of LPG leads to a significant reduction of pollutants and CO2 emissions compared to conventional gasoline. This makes LPG an excellent choice for environmentally conscious motorists.
  • Cost savings: LPG is significantly cheaper than gasoline or diesel. In addition, the purchase and maintenance costs for LPG vehicles are also lower, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Range: LPG vehicles have a comparable range to conventional gasoline vehicles. The number of LPG filling stations is constantly growing, which makes it possible to drive comfortably and carefree.
Autogas: an extremely pleasing annual balance sheet!

It is therefore no wonder that more and more drivers are switching to LPG. The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages and make LPG an attractive alternative to gasoline and diesel. With a view to the environment and your own wallet, it is worth considering a switch to LPG.

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